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The Beginning

My chilli oil was made on purpose and yet by accident! I was out for dinner with friends and I found myself drowning my food with chilli oil due to not being satisfied with its potency. In fact, most oils I tried lacked heat and flavour. So since 2008, I started making my own, I played around with different flavours and textures.

The creation of TTaste chilli oil has all the flavours which can be used for dipping, cooking or as a marinade. It’s also particularly fabulous when drizzled over pizza and pasta. You can add it to anything and I love to hear stories of new ways friends and buyers use the oils.

Olive oil and chilli, together with garlic and fennel are the basics, all natural healthy (and yummy). Feedback from users convinces me I have a special and unique product. Now you too can buy it.

I arrived in Britain when I was eight years old from Hong Kong. I grew up in my parents’ Chinese take-away in Broadstairs initially and continued to help my family business for the next 15 years in various locations in Kent. 

TTaste Chilli Oil

Cooking dinner parties for friends and family is my passion. I’m always thinking about and trying out new recipes. Watching cookery programmes is another joyful hobby for me.

The BBC, along with Michelin-star chef Gary Rhodes selected me to be one of two companions for the TV Show “Rhodes Across China”. Chosen from hundreds of applicants, I spent 5 weeks traveling to 8 cities, including Shanghai, Beijing and Guillin in the West of China. I was able to pick up a lot of local knowledge from this great opportunity.

It was my first time ever in mainland China. I loved every minute – what could be better for me than food and travel combined? Everywhere I visited gave me special moments, but my favourite was in Chengdu, the City of Spice in the Sichuan Province. The variety of chilli in the markets was amazing. The food we tried was all delicious, unique and hot.

Filming a hot pot evening, I saw a little girl of about the age of 5, chewing on a fresh chilli like it was an ice lolly! Extraordinary moments like this helped create my special chilli oils.